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Tools and Gadgets

Gadgets (not gimmicks) for your kitchen

When it comes to kitchen tools, our motto is ‘gadgets not gimmicks’. A gadget is a useful tool designed for a specific function. A gimmick is a marketing trick to make you think you are buying a useful tool, when in fact you are buying something to clutter up your kitchen for a couple of years until you admit your mistake and throw it out.

Gadgets we embrace. Gimmicks we eschew. We like fun, obscure and sometimes even gimmicky gadgets, such as Trudeau’s Plate Pinch, the Garlic Zoom, silicone poaching cups, the Perfect Egg Timer, the Chef’N Palm Peeler (not forgetting Chef’N's fabulous strawberry huller and cherry pitter too), colourful silcone pastry brushes, non-wooden wooden spoons and collapsible colanders. We also like serious, practical and trustworthy gadgets, such as Microplane graters, Kuhn Rikon’s

whisks and utensils, Zyliss kitchen tools, mills by Cole & Mason, William Bounds and Peugeot, and any of the wonderful easy-to-use tools in the Oxo Good Grips range.

However, a gadget that works for one person isn’t always going to work for another. So although we are enthusiastic in our recommendation of certain products, it’s important that you see, handle, and carefully consider any kitchen equipment before you buy it. And if we do tempt you into an indiscretion, follow this advice: leave your new purchase on your countertop for a week or so. If you see it, you will remember it’s there. You will remember to use it. You may even find uses for it we haven’t thought of. In which case, come back and tell us – your feedback is how we gather information.

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